Drive Uganda: Automatic Cars Vs Manual Cars


Do you drive a manual or an automatic car? With the introduction of automatic cars eliminating the need for any extra work, you would think people would be rushing to get them.  Yet, even with new cars with automatic transmission being widely available, manual vehicles are still quite common. If you want to rent a manual vehicle, you will find that they are a lot harder to come by.

Manual cars are generally cheaper to buy and they are often cheaper to rent as well. There is also an argument that manual vehicles have better fuel economy. With the complexity of automatic cars, if anything goes wrong it will usually mean a more costly trip to the mechanic.

Manual cars, however, are far easier to repair and generally require less maintenance. However, when you are renting a car in Uganda you will not have to worry about the ongoing maintenance of the vehicle. Why not relax and enjoy road tripping around in an automatic car for awhile!

Many people feel that they are more in control of the vehicle, and the changing of gears keeps them alert. Manual cars have more power, and a lot of drivers find it dull to travel in automatics. in Uganda’s mountainous areas and national parks, it can be a pain travelling in an automatic car, as they are not always as effective on hills.

if you are commuting in the city, the constant traffic congestion means that having a manual might not be so enjoyable.

Learning to drive in an automatic also has its benefits. Trying to figure out the clutch and attempting hill starts when you are first learning to drive car adds a lot of complications.

However, driving an automatic car definitely takes a lot of the extra work out, leaving you to focus on the road. It is a good idea to learn to drive both types of vehicles. If you only drive automatic, you could find yourself caught out in situations where a manual is the only car available.


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