Rema and Hamza Paint Murchison Falls National Park Red


Last week, a popular Ugandan artist Rema Namakula and Dr Hamza Sebunya held their ‘kwanjula” at a colorful ceremony that was attended by a number of recognised city tycoons and celebrities. The couple decided to spend their “honeymoon” in the Murchison Falls Game Park in north Western Uganda.

Photos of the couple are all over the social media channels as they celebrate their new step in their relationship. In what would be a honeymoon, the couple went on a vacation in one of the Uganda’s most safari parks.

The two have today painted the largest wildlife conservation area of the country red as they went out for a number of tour activities in the park. They did a game drive to catch with the amazing wildlife of the park and also took a boat ride along the fighting waters of the Rivrer Nile.

The couple have also enjoyed a hike to the top of the world’s strongest waterfalls, the Murchison Falls that are at the verge of being destroyed in case the proposed dam is approved to be built.

The two first slept at the popular Paraa Safari Lodge one of the luxury safari lodges in the park and then after stayed another night at the luxurious Chobe Lodge, a place where the celebrity couple of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian stayed during their visit to Uganda.

Rema and Hamza, we wish you a great safari in Uganda’s largest national park but be careful since this is a wildlife home!



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