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Explore Uganda’s natural treasures, a unique tourist destination.

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Uganda is blessed with a wealth of natural elements that make it a beautiful nation with a diverse population and give Uganda tours a lot of importance. However, Uganda has several distinctive characteristics that set it apart from other east African nations and make it a special safari destination.

These natural wonders of Uganda are popular tourist destinations and other tourist attractions dispersed across the nation. A lot of Uganda tours include at least one or two of these attractions, and visiting one of them will leave you with memories that are unlike anything you could have imagined.

Uganda can not be compared to its neighbors, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, and Tanzania, in terms of tourist attractions or travel opportunities. Uganda is endowed with distinctive natural features that serve as a monument to its status as the Pearl of Africa. Most of these features can be seen while on a

Mountain gorillas

One of the most popular tourist attraction in Uganda are the mountain gorillas. these are the largest species among the primates. In the southwestern region of Uganda, in the tropical rainforests of Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Mgahinga National Park, Uganda is home to half of the remaining mountain gorilla population in the world.

Bwindi mountain Gorillas

Due to Uganda’s considerably cheaper gorilla trekking costs than Rwanda, whose tracking permit charges are twice as expensive as those in Uganda. There are approximately 1.060 mountain gorillas in the world, and Bwindi itself is home to about 450 of them, according to a recent gorilla census done in 2019. Mountain gorillas are the closest living relative of humans, sharing 98% of our DNA, and they also possess a number of other distinctive characteristics that set them apart from other primates.

You can check out our Uganda gorilla safaris and choose the best for your comfortable budget. We arrange different packages ranging from budget safaris to luxury gorilla safaris not forgetting other Uganda tours to different tourist destinations.

Murchison falls

The Murchison Falls, which are the most powerful falls in the world, roar into the small, 7-meter-wide gorges to meet the 44-kilometer torrent in the metamorphic rocks. there are located on the longest river in the world. A boat ride on the Albert Nile, which is located on the albert Nile in the Murchison Falls National Park, is necessary to view the falls from either the bottom or the top.

The primary tourist attractions in Murchison Falls National Area are these swift waterfalls, which have elevated the park to the top tourist destination in Uganda.

When the British explorers’ Sir Samuel Baker and Florence Baker first visited the Murchison Falls National Park, they named the falls after Sir Roderick Murchison, a former president of the Royal Geographical Society, which led Winston Churchill to refer to Uganda as the “pearl of Africa” because of the amazing and distinctive natural features that country possesses.

Rwenzori Mountain

Due to its snow-covered peaks, Mountain Rwenzori is known as the mountains of the moon. In the districts of Kasese and Bundibujo in western Uganda, there is a UNESCO World Heritage Site called Rwenzori. The Margherita summit of Mountain Rwenzori, at 5,109 feet above sea level, is the third-highest mountain in Africa.

Rwenzori hikings

The Rwenzori Mountain is the most difficult mountain to trek on while being the third tallest mountain in the world. It stands to give one of the great hiking experiences. The Rwenzori Mountain’s peak can be reached via hiking in 7–19 days.

When climbing to the top of a mountain, there are two hiking routes to choose from: the kilembe trail and the southern circuit, which was the first trail and was used by many hikers before the kilembe trail was developed. There are five alluring mountain ranges: Gessi (5,109 m), Speke (4890 m), Alexandria (5083 m), and Mount Stanley (5,109 m), which is the tallest (4715m).

The Rwenzori Mountain has kept its icy summit despite global warming, providing a wonderful wonder to anyone who dares to walk and take in the splendor of Uganda’s natural treasures. In regions where the equator passes, snow is quite uncommon, but Rwenzori Mountain has managed to hold onto its allure with its never-ending snowfall.

Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park

In Queen Elizabeth National Park, which lies in the western portion of Uganda, the Kazinga channel is situated along the waterway that links Lake Edward and Lake George. Many Ugandan tour guides refer to the Kazinga channel as the “hippo pool” since it is home to the greatest number of hippos.

To connect the two lakes, the Kazinga waterway makes a lengthier journey of around 32 kilometers. In addition to hippos, it is home to a variety of other wild animals, including buffalo, crocodiles, elephants, and antelope species, who can be seen foraging for water along the channel. With more than 60 kinds of birds, including those that live in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kazinga Channel is one of the best places for bird-watching tours.

Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest national park

Kibale, which is located in western Uganda, is well known for having a large population of several primate species. With roughly 13 primate species, the Kibale forest is one of Africa’s most stunning tropical rainforests.

Around 1450 chimpanzees live in the Kibale Forest National Park, and the area is also home to a variety of other natural animals and plants, including reptiles, butterflies, amphibians, birds, and forest animals.

The main tourist attraction in the Kibale forest is the chimpanzee trekking. Other activities include going on a nature walk in the Bigodi wetland, which is a great way to observe different animals and bird life. With approximately 325 bird species, 351 tree species, and 13 species of primates, including black and white colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, pottos monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabeys, and others.

However, there are other chimpanzee destinations other than Kibale forest national park where you can track chimps in Uganda. these places also have abundant primate species not only chimpanzees and these include Budongo forest in Murchison falls national park kalinzu forest and Kyambura gorge forest.

In contrast, the Kibale Forest National Park connects the northern Queen Elizabeth National Park with the southern Semuliki National Park and the western mountain Rwenzori. The remote southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park along the Ishasha sector’s border with the north of Kibale is where the 180 km long wildlife movement corridor may be found. While on uganda safari tours, tourists can combine these safari destinations to enjoy the thrilling experience within a short safari period.

Mount Elgon, the largest caldera mountain

The extinct shield volcano Mount Elgon is located on the Kenyan-Uganda border. The mountain, whose last eruption occurred 25 years ago, has the biggest surface area of any extinct volcano in the world’s history. The eastern side of this extinct volcano, which is ornamented with a lot of cliffs, caves, gorges, and lovely waterfalls, is a lovely tourist destination in Uganda. Rivers flow from the mountain peaks and pour down to the foothills.

The renowned Sipi Falls is located at Mount t Elgon, whose highest peak, Wagagai, has a height of 4,321 meters. Sudek, Koitobos, and Mubiyi are the next highest peaks at 4,303m, 4,222m, and (4210m) respectively. The stunning and largest caldera was created when magma was released from the crater as a result of the overlying volcanic cone collapsing due to its inability to maintain it, leaving a depression form of about 40 km long and 8 km broad.

Sipi falls on Mount Elgon

The Sipi River, which flows from the top slopes of Mount Elgon into the Kyoga Basin, creates a sequence of three breathtaking waterfalls known as Sipi Falls. As one of the top sites for hiking excursions in Uganda, they are a famous feature of the country’s eastern area. The river strikes several rocks and high cliffs, resulting in Sipi falls and a sequence of rapids.

The Sipi Falls location serves as the beginning point for many hiking expeditions in Mount Elgon. It is located in the Kapchorwa district, on the mountain’s northwest flank, at an elevation of 1,775 meters, near the border between Uganda and Kenya. Additionally, they offer a fantastic rest stop to break up the long journey to the Kidepo Valley National Park, one of the most popular Uganda safari destinations, which is located farther out in the remote northeastern region of the country.

Source of the Nile

The Nile, Africa’s longest river, originates in Jinja, a city in eastern Uganda. After traveling 6,650 km from Jinja along Lake Victoria, the river empties its water into the Mediterranean Sea. Rafting and tubing enthusiasts enjoy the river Nile’s many tourist attractions along the way, including rapid falls and picturesque reflections. On a Uganda tour to Jinja city at the Nile, one of the main activities is to explore the river’s source.

Itanda falls along the source of the River Nile

In addition to the massive Murchison Falls, Itanda Falls is the closest and greatest example of one of the tremendous waterfalls. Itanda Falls is one of the unique and intriguing things to see and do when visiting Jinja.

Itanda Falls is a pristine place since few visitors go there, fewer people have heard of it, and only a small number of tour companies include it in their itineraries. It’s located around 27 kilometers from Jinja, and the trip there takes 45 minutes. But once you arrive, the strength and beauty of these falls will blow you away, and you’ll not only want to return but also tell others about it. It is advisable to use caution when visiting the Itanda Falls due to their power and beauty as well as their danger.

You can visualize what it would look like if the Nile river waters were blasted to their full potential thanks to these majestic falls. Standing close, but really not that close to the edge, you can listen to the sound of the flowing river from a few kilometers away as the waters surge by you with a strong force. The falls are magnificent and strong, so kayakers and rafters must use caution when navigating the rapids.







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