Peng Peng Intoxicates Maama Fiina, Leaves Fans Speculating what happened after


Traditional healer’s leader Sylvia Namutebi better known as Maama Fiina recently visited Sweden and surely she had a blast ou there.

On her tour to the Scandinavian country, she visited a number of people including online bloggers among others. However, it seems she enjoyed more the visit she made to a one renowned Facebook blogger Raymond Soulfa better known as Peng Peng as she had a good time that left many of her fans amazed.

Maama Fiina
Maama Fiina with Peng Peng

Peng Peng welcomed Maama Fiina with a number of toxins that made her appear very drunk and in a lousy mood before putting her live on video, making fun of her as she spoke in toungues.

In the video that has now one viral on Social media, the aging President Museveni die hard is seen dancing with Peng Peng together with another guy identified as ‘Isma’ as they erotically touch each other, an action that has left many speculating on what might have happened beyond the stage.


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