Abdu Mulaasi Vows to Discipline Eddy Kenzo


Singer Abdul Mulaasi Nanyini Farm has promised to discipline fellow singer Eddy Kenzo for disrespecting him.
Abdu says he was the first to schedule a show in Lyantonde (17th Feb, 2018) but he was shocked to hear that Eddy Kenzo was also advertising that he will host a show that is to be held on 16th Feb, 2018 in the same area and venue.

The “Ngenda Kusiba Farm” singer rang Eddy Kenzo and politely advised him to alter his show to a later date since he (Abdu Mulaasi) had already started advertising his and met most of the costs. Kenzo seemed to have taken the advise but to Abdu’s surprise, Kenzo went ahead and pinned up posters defacing some of Abdu’s.

Abdu Mulaasi alias Rasta Smart says unless Kenzo meets all the costs met that’s to say 20M, he won’t be allowed to stage the show and if he tries to forcefully do it, 16th Feb, 2018 will be Kenzo’s worst day if not the last of his life.

Haaa Uganda is really Amazing!


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