MC Kats Trashes Fresh Daddy’s Music, Stops him from Performing


Over the past week, Fresh Kid’s father Mutabaazi Paul has been the talk of town since he decided to try out music. Earlier this week, he released his maiden single ‘Mazike’ that was co- produced from singer Kalifah Aganaga’s Bad Man Character.

However, on Thursday night while making tours around bars to promote his new song in company of Aganaga, Fresh Daddy received a great embarrassment stopped from performing by NBS TV

presenter MC Kats, claiming that his music was ‘bullsh*t’ that can only do nothing else but to kill the industry.

MC Kats
MC Kats

We’re trying to go for copyright in parliament and you start singing bullsh*t like this. Aganaga, if you want to fight with us, we shall delete your songs as well, we lose nothing. You can go do those things in politics or comedy, ” MC Kats angrily reacted shortly after kicking Fresh Daddy out of the Deejay’s booth.


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