Cindy Splits with Boyfriend Mario


Uganda’s Dancehall Queen Cindy Sanyu has split with her longtime boyfriend and father of her daughter, Mario Brunette.

On Cindy’s side: It is over a delayed wedding. The dancing star has been waiting to walk down the aisle for quite a long time and there seemed no plan of this. Cindy also has on several occasions accused Mario of cheating on her with other girls. She reportedly decided to make revenge on Mario by loving several men around the city.

Mario Brunette: The white man accuses Cindy of being a loose girl-not a wife material. After the breakup, his discussions about our Cinderella Sanyu do not reflect any hope of reunion.

“Cindy is so cheap, she opens her legs faster than google, and she’s just not wife material. If a woman cheats on you multiple times, the best thing is to let go and move on with people who can respect you. What kind of mother never gets time for their baby, she’s always kissing with different guys in night clubs, I had had enough.” Mario was quoted as saying

Uganda Picks will keep you posted on who takes custody of their only daughter


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