Yoga Yoga Uganda Project: All You Need to Know


I am privileged to be associated with the Official Golden Jubilee song for my country. 25% of the revenue raised from the sale of this song, its related merchandise and performances will go towards supporting children with intensive care needs through as well as supporting character development initiatives among students through

Uganda is one of the youngest nations in the world with over 52% of its population under the age of 15 years. It is therefore imperative that we give priority to issues that ensure the holistic growth and development of our young people into becoming just, productive, orderly and patriotic citizens of the world. The future of a nation is indeed as stronger as its children stand.
As we, together with friends from all over the world, celebrate our country’s 50 years of nationhood, may we shout out “yoga yoga” as our greetings of congratulations for having a place that we all call “home” but may we also take time to deliberately meditate (as in ‘yoga’) on what each one of us today will leave behind as a legacy to be celebrated by our children come 5pm on October 9th 2062!

Yoga Yoga, Uganda and May God uphold thee!

Yoga Yoga
“Sound of Jubilation”
Verse I
I remember the time
All she had was a smile
Through the raging tides
In the stormy wind

And then sounds of war
Like a child she would learn
To get a hold of freedom
Let all who hear

Sing a song of jubilation
Yoga Yoga x 7 Ah-iyerereya
Hear the sound of jubilation
Yoga Yoga x 7 Ah-iyerereya
Hear the sound of jubilation
“Flute interlude

Verse II
Ululations rise
To the beat of the drum
Let the rhythms play
Jubilation sounds

Let our heart and our Spirit
Join us all as one
There’s nothing stronger
When a nation stands

To Chorus
Rap interlude
I see Uganda gaining
Not just what she lost but more
To bring a hope the world
Has never come across before
I know how great it sounds
The question is how?
By every man casting
A 2062 vision for every child

Written by: Ruyonga, Estar Nabaasa, Michael Mugisha and Kawesa
Lead Singers: Richy, Hum Kay, Estar Nabaasa, Barbara Kayaga
Rap by: Ruyonga
Lead Chorus Chants: Barbara Kayaga, Estar Nabaasa and Kawesa
Produced by: Michael Mugisha and Co-Produced by Kawesa
Recorded @: Fenon Studios, Kampala
Mastered @: MMX Studios, Midrand South Africa
Management: Spirit of Africa Ltd


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