MC Kats Criticized Over Embarrassing Fresh Daddy


Last Thursday, City Emcee Edwin Katamba a.k.a MC Kats stopped ‘new singer on the block’ Fresh Daddy from performing, claiming that he can not allow playing ‘bullshit’ music that can add nothing to the the industry other than bringing it down.

Aganaga with Fresh Daddy

We’re trying to go for copyright in parliament and you start singing bullsh*t like this. Aganaga, if you want to fight with us, we shall delete your songs as well, we lose nothing. You can go do those things in politics or comedy, ” MC Kats he commented shortly after kicking out Fresh Daddy who was in company of Aganaga from the Deejay’s booth.

This happened as Fresh Daddy was making tours around bars to promote his new song ‘Mazike’.

However, MC Kats’ decision wasn’t welcomed by many as a number of fans and some artistes such as city Comedian Patrick Salvado have come out to criticize the way he handled the matters.

Ugandan Comedian Indringi salvador

The ‘man from Ombokolo’ believes that talent has no formula and hence Fresh Daddy should be left to do what he wants.

“Apart from Fille who you made to sing nursery tunes, what else has your record label produced? If Fresh Daddy is fake then your own artistes are faker,” One of Fresh Daddy’s fans ranted before a number of comments pinning the ‘pint’ side alleged father of tens followed.


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