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NUP Calls for Mpuuga’s Resignation as Parliamentary Commissioner

Honorable Mathias Mpuuga

The Nyendo Mukungwe Legislature, a previous Leader of the Opposition and the present deputy head of the National Unity Platform NUP, is facing difficulties after his party issued a clear directive insisting that he step down due to allegations of corruption and misappropriation of public funds.

In this ongoing online movement known as the #Uganda Parliament Exhibition, the focus is on exposing corrupt government officials and opposition partisans who mishandle public offices.

The excitement has intensified as not just NRM members, but also some opposition figures, have been implicated in mishandling public funds and participating in corrupt activities.

For the Masaka Mukungwe and former Democratic Party delegate who joined NUP in the coalition named the DP blog, prior this week the parliament had passed a total sum of 500M to the departed LoP Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba as a thanks giving.

This in the face of his masters was a sign and a form of corruption and they were displeased with it and thus they called him off from the duty of the parliament commissioner.

In a statement released by the NUP secretariat on Thursday evening, Party President Robert Kyagulanyi, commonly referred to as Bobi Wine, convened a gathering with top party officials. The objective of the assembly was to confront the corruption accusations that had emerged, implicating numerous NUP figures, including Mpuuga, who formerly served as the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, alongside other commissioners.

These allegations revolve around irregular distributions of substantial sums of money to themselves under the guise of service accolades. Mpuuga, specifically, is alleged to have received 500 million shillings through this procedure.

Mathias Mpuuga, known for his diplomatic prowess and oratory skills, has sparked speculation of an association with the ruling party NRM. This speculation stems from events dating back to when Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, the patron of NUP, replaced Mpuuga with Joel Ssenyonyi as the Leader of the Opposition.

It appeared as though Ssentamu was already aware that Mpuuga had distanced himself and begun associating and collaborating with the ruling party NRM!

Recently, Mpuuga, situated in Masaka City, halted the “Kunga” movement in Masaka, sparking conflicts with the party and their ongoing projects. When confronted by the press to comment on the unfolding scandals, Mpuuga explicitly stated his unwillingness to provide any remarks at this time.

“I will respond when I am ready; just be calm because there is nothing to hurry about,” Nyendo-Mukungwe MP Mathias Mpuuga told New Vision Online via phone on Friday, March 1, 2024.

NWSC Unveils Plan for Kampala Metropolitan Area

Secret Love

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has unveiled a plan for efficient and effective service for the Kampala Metropolitan, areas of Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono.

According to Mahmood Lutaaya, the General Manager of Kampala Water at the NWSC, plans are underway to install over 2600 water ATMs in the Kampala Metropolitan informal settlements.

Lutaya unveiled the plans while appearing on UBC TV on Thursday morning to discuss service delivery plans for the people of Kampala.

He said that ATMs shall use smart tokens, selling a jerrycan at Shs 25.

According to Lutaaya, the initiative is in a bid to increase access to safe and clean water in the informal settlements.

Lutaaya added that the Government of Uganda through NWSC is installing community prepaid meters for the informal communities in Kampala.

In 2021, NWSC revealed that the Corporation, with help of French Development Agency and other partners, were racing to meet and exceed the Kampala metropolitan maximum water demand of 300 million liters per day.

Anita Among Urges KCCA to Settle Arrears for Casual Workers


In a resolute stance, Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, has directed the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to promptly address the issue of unpaid arrears owed to its casual workers. The directive follows a dramatic protest on Monday, as a faction of the city’s sanitation workers marched to Parliament, airing their grievances over prolonged non-payment by the authority.

Expressing concern during Wednesday’s plenary session, Speaker Among emphasized the imperative of honoring the laborers’ entitlements, citing Article 40(1) of the Constitution, which mandates equitable remuneration for equal work without prejudice. She underscored the plight of these workers, highlighting the financial strain they endure due to the protracted delay in compensation.

“We cannot overlook the fundamental principle of fair compensation for labor. It is unjustifiable for these workers to go unpaid for extended periods. Their livelihoods and the well-being of their families are at stake,” Speaker Among iterated, calling upon KCCA leadership to expedite the payment process.

The agitation stemmed from claims by some workers that they have been pursuing payment for the past 45 months without success, exacerbating their financial hardships. The situation prompted a demonstration at Parliament, drawing attention to the pressing issue.

In response to concerns raised by MPs, particularly the Presidential Affairs Committee chaired by Richard Sebamala, regarding the deteriorating cleanliness standards in the city, KCCA Executive Director, Dorothy Kisaka, attributed the predicament partly to budgetary constraints. Kisaka elucidated that the meager daily wage of Shs6000 allocated to street cleaners reflects the limited financial resources available to the Authority.

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, Kisaka revealed that efforts are underway to streamline the payment process by channeling funds through the workers’ respective Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOs). This approach aims to empower the workers to manage their finances collectively within their divisions, thereby fostering autonomy and financial stability.

As the debate ensues within parliamentary chambers, the plight of Kampala’s casual workers underscores broader issues of labor rights and economic justice, demanding urgent action to rectify the prevailing injustices and uphold the dignity of all workers.

Jinja Man Gets Stuck in Married Woman During Sex

Kipsiro on Phone

In the quiet town of Lugazi Municipality, nestled within the Buikwe District, a tale of passion and unexpected entanglement unfolded one fateful evening. It was a rendezvous between two lovers, drawn together by the irresistible pull of desire and affection.

The protagonists of our story were an unlikely pair – a 38-year-old driver hailing from Kawolo and his paramour from the bustling Buwenge Town Council. Their courtship had blossomed over time, culminating in a decision to steal away for a night of intimate connection and shared ecstasy.

With hearts racing and anticipation mounting, the driver reached out to his beloved, arranging a clandestine meeting at a discreet lodge where they could indulge in the pleasures of each other’s company. Little did they know that their passionate liaison would take an unexpected turn, leading them down a path fraught with embarrassment and bewilderment!

As the night unfolded and their ardor reached its peak, and unforeseen twist of fate befell the lovers – they found themselves inexplicably stuck together, their bodies entwined in a manner that defied explanation. Despite their frantic efforts to disentangle themselves, they remained firmly bound, their cries of distress echoing through the walls of the lodge.

Outside, oblivious to the unfolding drama, the sounds of their struggle went unnoticed by the casual passersby, who dismissed them as nothing more than the usual noises of amorous encounters. However, as the commotion grew louder and more desperate, a curious crowd began to gather, drawn by the spectacle unfolding before them.

Word spread like wildfire, and soon, the authorities were alerted to the bizarre predicament of the star-crossed lovers. Responding swiftly, officers from the Kiira Region Police arrived on the scene, their arrival heralding a new chapter in the saga of the entwined couple.

With the assistance of concerned onlookers, the trapped lovers were carefully extricated from their predicament and rushed to the Buwenge Health Centre IV for urgent medical attention. Yet, even as they grappled with the physical ramifications of their ordeal, the questions surrounding their inexplicable entanglement remained unanswered.

As investigations got underway at the Buwenge Central Police Station, whispers began to circulate among the townsfolk, invoking tales of ancient myths and dark magic. For in this quiet corner of the world, where tradition and superstition held sway, the phenomenon of “penis captivus” was more than just a medical curiosity – it was a chilling reminder of the unseen forces that lurked in the shadows.

And so, the tale of the lovers stuck in the bedroom game would be etched into the annals of local lore, a cautionary reminder of the unpredictable nature of passion and the strange, inexplicable twists of fate that can befall even the most ardent of souls.

5 Popular Uganda Parks to Visit on Self Drive


There is nothing more enthralling in this world than visiting the various national parks of Uganda on Self Drive. This adventure is very exciting, exhilarating, and explorative as you encounter the different unique species of wildlife, and what a better way to do it on your own! Uganda has ten national parks but we shall look at five popular ones that give travelers a whole new experience while on a self-drive safari. The self-drive safaris give your African safari a whole different experience especially when you decide to have camping as the accomodation option.

The best five national parks

Murchison falls National Park: Of recent, Murchison Falls National Park has become the most sought-after tourism destination in Uganda because of the possibility of viewing the big five. The park itself has four of the big five animals that is to say lions, leopards, elephants, and buffaloes. The rhinos are found at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Nakasongola district which is within the vicinity of the park. En route to Murchison Falls National Park, most tourists dash off to the rhino sanctuary to track the rhino and then continue to the park to view the other big five animals henceforth completing the whole experience.

Besides the big five animals, Murchison Falls National Park has other tour highlights like a hike to the top of the falls to witness how the Nile forces its way into a narrow gorge to plunge into the basin. This feature is a very beautiful sight and great for photography. Boat rides are also carried out on River Nile in the park. There are two boat trips arranged on the Nile; the first one is to the bottom of the falls where you view the might Murchison falls from the river base and on this cruise, you might as well encounter some water birds, hippos, crocodiles, monitor lizards and sometimes elephants and buffaloes n the river banks. The other boat cruise arranged is to the delta area where the major attraction is to view the shoebill. This is one of the places in Uganda where the shoebill can be viewed in the wild.

Kibale Forest National Park: This is known as the capital of primates. Kibale Forest National Park has the highest concentration of primates in the whole of Africa with 13 different species. Some of the primates found in the park include chimpanzees, grey-cheeked mangabey, red-tailed monkey, pottas monkey, blue monkey, black and white colobus, and so forth. Although Kibale has numerous species of primates, tourists mainly visit this natural forest to encounter the chimpanzees. The chimpanzees are very shrewd and interesting animals to interact with. They are capable of using tools like stones, sticks, and other natural surroundings to gather food and also build their shelter. They also show compassion to one another as though they are human beings. The chimpanzees are related to mankind with 95% DNA similarity. And a date with the chimpanzees in Kibale is always a memorable one, plus you have a 98% guarantee of viewing the chimpanzees making Kibale one of the places that you are assured of viewing the chimps in their natural habitat.

Queen Elizabeth National Park: Queen Elizabeth National Park formerly known as Kazinga National Park is one of the oldest wildlife conservation areas in the country. It used to be the most visited national park in Uganda but it lost its glory to Bwindi impenetrable national park and Murchison falls national park due to the Human-animal conflict that has led to a drastic decline in the number of wildlife species in the park. However, it has still got an edge over the others and this is why it is still among the top five popular parks to visit on an Uganda Self Drive Vacation. Queen Elizabeth National Park has the best plains to view wild animals and within its short savannah plains, travellers spot wild species like lions, buffaloes, elands, warthogs, antelopes, elephants, oribis, Uganda kobs and so many more.

This park also has the highest concentration of birds in Uganda with over 600 species. Queen Elizabeth National Park also offers the most epic boat ride experience in the country. The boat ride operates on a famous and formidable water channel, Kazinga which entwines the two great lakes of Edward and George. The 2 hours’ boat ride at the channel avails lots of thrilling experiences of viewing aquatics like crocodiles, hippos, waterbucks on the banks, water birds, and also other animals like elephants and buffaloes which normally loiter at the banks of the channel quenching off their thirst after a heavy graze.  When you drive south of the park is the Ishasha sector famed for the tree-climbing lions. In this sector in case you are lucky, you may encounter the tree-climbing lions, leopards, Topis, elephants, buffaloes, and countless birds.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park: This is pitted at the southwest edge of Uganda in the Kigezi region. It is one of the most visited national parks in Africa because of being home to one of the most unique wildlife species you can ever imagine, the Mountain Gorillas. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to over half of the total population of these endangered species in the world. It is one of the few places on this planet to meet up close and personal with these gentle beasts in a gorilla trekking expedition.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is just 9 hours away from Kampala and the road leading to the Kigezi region from Kampala is well paved and direct and hence making a self-drive safari a very viable option for the traveler. Aside from the Mountain Gorillas, this park is often referred to as the bird watchers’ paradise as the forest hosts a number of the Albertine endemics.

Lake Mburo National Park: This is the nearest park to Kampala the capital of Uganda. It is about a 4 to 5 hours’ drive from Kampala and the same drive time from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It is located in the central-western region of Uganda. This is a very nonchalant national park compared to the others. Nonetheless, it has lots of wildlife species and tourism activities to engage in. For instance, a game drive is possible where tourists view animals like zebras, giraffes, antelopes, buffaloes, elands, and many more. A boat ride at Lake Mburo is also a great experience to get involved in while on a self-drive safari. The boat experience offers sights of different marine animals like hippos, water birds most notably the African Fin foot, and waterbucks.  Lake Mburo National Park is one park, a visitor can either start off or end off with the trip due to its proximity to Kampala and Entebbe, the two start and endpoints of every safari trip in Uganda.

The above parks are the most sought-after parks for clients on a Uganda Self Drive however, on rare occasions, some have included Kidepo Valley National Park, Mount Elgon National Park with a stop at Sipi Falls, then Semuliki Wildlife Reserve, Mount Rwenzori National Park. Due to the reliability and beauty of the volcanoes of Mgahinga gorilla National Park, some travelers have visited this area to explore the volcanoes, track the mountain gorillas in the area and also engage in the Batwa Cultural Experience.

Where ‘taxis’ have WiFi, TV, and CCTV

Matatu Taxi

Were this commuter minibus a tenement in Kamwokya in Kampala or Dandora in Nairobi, burglars would be swooning over it.

The burglars would be thinking of when to strip it of some of its electronic parts.

Probably the first they would think of grabbing the 32-inch flat television set hoisted on the board between the driver’s cabin and the passenger section.

A TV set of the brand in the minibus could fetch Shs1 million. Shs1 million could pay a lower ranking policeman salary for four months. The second to go would be the 1, 000-watt speakers.

Since many thugs are young men, with an ear for bass, the burglars would probably not sell the speakers.

They would keep them for their home entertainment.

To conclude the burglary, if the miscreants are cheeky, and have Smartphones, they would take pictures of themselves ensconced in the seats and then use the WiFi in the minibus to update their status on their social networking sites like Facebook.

And, to provoke art critics, they could take selfies, ensuring the Christiano Ronaldo, Barack Obama or Lil Wayne graffiti or the abstract scribbling on the sides of the minibuses are in the frame, and post these.

In Summary

Some matatu owners spend up to Shs10 million on paint work alone

WiFi, flat screens, CCTV are for customers entertainment and security. But the cost of these could buy a used sedan


The bad news for the burglars is that this commuter minibus, also known as a matatu, is not a tenement.

It is one of the many fabrications on Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, streets.

To attract travellers, the savings and credit cooperatives (Saccos) and the individuals who own them spend a lot of money to ‘soup’ or ‘pimp’ them up.

They do this to attract the young commuters who would not mind a discotheque-like surround sound.

During the traffic snarl-ups, the music oozing through the speakers serve the same purpose the sports channels in commercial banks lobbies serve – take the customers minds off the long wait.For security reasons, some of the owners install closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the minibuses.

The presumption is that the thugs who would board the minibuses – as law-abiding citizens only to draw revolvers from their trench coats and rob the genuine passengers at gunpoint – would be deterred by the CCTV. Of course, CCTV has never stopped criminals from wearing balaclavas just before ‘missions’.

If the ‘pimping’ that goes into a matatu serves none of the above purposes, at least it helps to take one’s mind off the fact that the matatus front reminds some of a bulldog’s face

Batwa tribe demands affirmative action in UWA game ranger recruiting.


In the Kanungu district, the Batwa Community is asking the Uganda Wildlife Authority to use affirmative action when hiring game rangers.

In July of last year, the authority initiated a nationwide search for over 800 game rangers in an effort to improve wildlife protection in all gazetted wildlife conservation zones across the nation.

O’Level certification and English language proficiency were minimum qualifications for hiring, along with other criteria.

The community in Buhoma town council, the majority of whose members reside close to the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, asserts that none of them matched the standards. They contend that even if they don’t meet the requirements, UWA should give them special attention because they used to live in the Park, which the government forcibly removed them from in 1992.

The Batwa add that after being expelled, they have drastically cut back on the poaching behaviors for which they were viewed as a menace to animals.

The Wildlife Authority has turned away many of Eliphaz Kapere’s relatives who have expressed interest in joining to serve as game rangers, according to the 65-year-old Mutwa from Bwanya village.

He claims that despite their continued financial hardships, many Batwa people still feel a connection to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Kapere contends that the government need to recognize the Batwa and provide them with possibilities free from onerous restrictions.

Elphael Kabwaana, a member of the same village, claims that only one of their colleagues was chosen to receive training as a game ranger as a result of strong support from non-governmental organizations in the region.

Since the Batwa have no land on which to practice agriculture, Kabwaana claims that once there is special recruitment, the Batwa can support themselves economically and stop gambling.

According to Sylvia Kokunda, the executive director of Action for Batwa Empowerment Group, a non-governmental organization that fights for the rights of the Batwa people, those interested in employment must be scar-free in addition to possessing an O-Level diploma and being proficient in English.

As a result of their way of life, it is exceedingly rare to find any Batwa without scars, according to Ms. Kokunda, who also notes that just three Batwa have so far accepted jobs as porters with UWA out of the approximately 1,033 Batwa living in 10 settlements in the Kanungu district.

Mr. Sam Arineitwe Kajojo, the chairman of the Kanungu district, reports that local officials have already contacted UWA with demands for special recruitment aimed at Batwa into game ranging and tour guiding. Kajojo asserts that if this is accomplished, many Batwa will be inspired to conserve the environment and put an end to their vice of poaching.

According to Kajojo, district leaders have chosen to begin educating the Batwa about mentality transformation and how they might engage in commercial agriculture to support themselves economically while they wait for UWA to look into requests.

According to UWA Communications Manager Bashir Hangi, there are some Batwa in Kanungu who work for UWA on a temporary basis. He also exhorts Batwa to continue applying for ranger and other posts.

We have recruitment facilities close to all protected areas since UWA recruitment considers the needs of local populations. The recruitment procedure for ranger and other roles is encouraged to include the Batwa. According to him, some Batwa currently provide casual labor for UWA.

Gad Rugaaju Ahimbisibwe, the deputy resident district commissioner for Kanungu, asserted that it would be difficult for UWA to alter the recruiting process for game rangers in order to favor the Batwa.

With the assistance of the United Organization for Batwa Development in Uganda, the Batwa filed a petition with the Constitutional Court on February 8, 2013, accusing the National Forestry Authority and the Uganda Wildlife Authority of evicting them from ancestral forests in 1992 without providing them with adequate compensation.

The Constitutional Court in Kampala decided in August 2021 that the Batwa have a native or original title stake in the contested protected forests in South Western Uganda. The court further stated that their forced expulsion from the aforementioned places without just compensation had increased their marginalization and reduced them to a lower class of citizens who were destined to intrude on other people’s property. However, the government has not yet made any payments to the Batwa.

Beginners Guide to Driving an Automatic Car


For anyone just learning how to drive from zero, then be sure that it is a manual Car where there is an accelerator, Clutch, and a break, while the automatic cars have no clutch. It is only those that have driven for the past 10 or 20 years that are actually taught how to drive automatic cars. In so doing, you have possibly practiced driving the manual car with 5 or 6 gears before finally facing the bigger challenge of getting used to a new clutchless system. Are you thinking of trying an automatic car and wondering how to go about it? Here’s are some tips to help you drive an automatic car for the first-time;

Relax and be at ease in the Car

It is not unusual to be anxious when planning to drive an automatic car for the first time, but remember being anxious always reflects on your driving. While you might not collide with other cars or bump into people on the road, there is a possibility of getting dents on the car. It is therefore important to exercise patience, and be relaxed while you hold the steering but before you start driving, first make sure that you are very comfortable and relaxed in the Car.

You should be seated upright on the seat and the footing should also be comfortable, with your hands relaxed as well as the seat belt properly tightened prior to starting off your road trip. It shouldn’t seem as if you are driving a special/different car because almost the same formalities are in the automatic car as in the manual car.

Always make a complete stop before switching Gears

Prior to switching from one gear to the other, ensure that the Car is properly stopped first. This means you have to first stop before going from the park to drive, park to reverse and many others. If you miss this detail, then you risk damaging your transmission.

You should be knowledgeable with the manual Car

We don’t know whether you are aware of this or not, but there is a small difference between manual and automatic cars, with the latter adjusting to higher gears automatically. For this reason, having basic driving skills are fundamental for adjusting the speed, switching the car between left and right, which is similar to the manual cars. It is for this reason that we always advise drivers to first be conversant with manual cars before driving automatic cars.

Light the throttle pressure first

When you switch the gear to drive, don’t simply use force to stop the gas pedal and also, avoid using maximum power into the car because you increase chances of damaging your car’s stationary parts.

Avoid driving in neutral

Many drivers believe that keeping the gear in neutral saves money, which is actually not true. Instead, you will be damaging your brakes and avert quick acceleration of the car, which is a serious hazard.

Make use of Park, Drive and Neutral Gears

The fact that you are a first-time driver of an automatic car, you will definitely need to get acquainted with the three gears- Park, Drive and Neutral first. Your wheels will remain in the same position and not turn when you use the Park gear hence getting a better grip on the steering. It is important to start your car with the park gear in the automatic car and the same when you are done driving or about to stop the Car.

When driving the car, slowly change to the Drive gear and this helps you to keep going on a clear road. If you are in a traffic-jammed area, make use of the neutral gear which will relieve into the traffic transitions hence getting a break from abrupt brakes which are harmful to your car tires.

Make use of hand brakes when parking

Avoid putting the gear into Park while parking your car, hence you will need to pull up on the hand brakes afterwards. You will notice that some cars might have foot brakes or switch to launch the Parking brake. This will nip in the bud the rear wheel from being able to move, hence the car will not roll away.

Other important tips for driving automatic cars for beginners is wearing good and comfortable shoes, not resting your foot on the brake pedal, and not using cruise control among others.

Uganda Safari- A Way to Discover The Hidden Secrets of The Pearl of Africa


Uganda qualifies to be Africa’s most exciting holiday destination for a list of catching safari reflections. The small East African country is a sun-setting paradise, with vast game parks, and reserves, unbothered cultures, peaks of cordial folks, inland beaches, an adrenaline adventure hub, the untamed rolling landscape, and whatsoever to mention.

Uganda is a land of extraordinary natural wonders when mentioned just mark an ear-to-ear smile and leave you marveled. Well, get to know about Uganda safari and mark what would be your next type of interest when opting for that special moment in the land.

The British Premier considered the land to be a nature basket for Africa and renamed Uganda the “Pearl of Africa.” According to the RTI report described that “Uganda is home to an incredible array of animals and plant species, making it one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet.”

Not much that you would find missing on Uganda safaris, and unlimited to find only here and will not catch anywhere else. Less, count the Big Five, wildlife species, boasts over the highest concentration of mountain gorillas, best chimpanzee tracking experience, track tree climbing lions, untouched cultures, and varies of landscapes, 3rd and 4th Africa’s peaks, the warm weather throughout the year, sand beaches. The list still counts the Nile Adrenaline adventures, one of the annual overcrowded events, and many considerations.

The incredible part of taking up a Uganda safari, you either go for a guided tour or self guided one. The guided tours involve visiting and exploring the different tourist sites on your itinerary under the stewardship of a safari guide. These kinds of expeditions are tendered by local tour operators who organize, most of the tour items into a package.

Whereas a self guided tour also known as a self drive safari involves hiring a car to discover the pearl of Africa on your own. Self drive safaris are offered by car rental in Uganda which arranges a 4×4 vehicle and can also advise on the lodges to stay, the parks to visit, and the activities to do.

Both kinds of safaris are exciting and breathtaking in equal measure. The onus is on the tourists to choose the best expedition to take if they wish to explore Uganda and discover its hidden secrets.

Why Uganda Safari?

A list of natural wonders that always have been the puller for digits of vacationists imminent to the realm. The marketing of Uganda as a natural tourist/safari destination has been extremely concerted on these brands, which are particularly national parks. Uganda has 10 national parks that offer various series of adventures, a safari adventure in the realm will never miss any of them. These national parks include;

–         Murchison Falls National Park – is most known for the world’s most powerful waterfalls

–         Kidepo Valley National Park – the true African wildness being the remotest park in Africa

–         Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – Ultimate gorilla experiences with about 50% of the world’s gorillas

–         Kibale National Park – the world primate capital with about 13 recorded primate species

–         Queen Elizabeth National Park – the medley of wonders

–         Lake Mburo National Park – the whispers of the wild

–         Mt Rwenzori National Park – the magical challenge

–         Mt Elgon – the world’s largest mountain caldera

–         Semuliki National Park – the true birder’s haven

–         Mgahinga Gorilla National Park – where gold meets silver

The warm weather mixture of rainy and sunny seasons that each doubles a year. That stature of the country a chilly destination with a warm day and cool nights, the weather also observe the landscape varies and the mountainous western region receive the highest amount of rainfall, and nights here are much cold than other regions, we ass the flat northern region also dominate in warmth, especially during day time. The moderate description of weather in Uganda enables safaris activities to be done throughout the year.

A variety of adventures also brands Uganda an admirable safari terminus, bearing in mind the mentioned parks, just discern they offer varying adventure undertakings. Among these most catching is the mountain gorilla trekking which is next to wildebeest, and game drives which is the major safari consideration to the huge number of travelers. Thirdly, chimpanzee tracking next, wild boat cruises, mountain climbing, tracking the tree climbing lions, bird watching, visiting upcountry designated communities for cultural experiences iconically the Karamoja people northeastern Uganda and the Batwa of Bwindi and Mgahinga parks.

Hiking and adrenaline adventures are naturally mindful, hiking mountains to the peak of Margarita suggests the best and most challenging magic in hiking. The source of the Nile River, always makes it perfect for adrenaline adventures like rafting, kayaking, and bungee jumping among several considerations.

The question of why Uganda safari? Is summarized for easy noting when outlining your travel highlights for the next trip.

–         The endless breathtaking sceneries in the tropics and savannah orders

–         Spectacular wildlife watching with endless landscape

–         A spot of endangered species that are as well endemic (gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, certain bird species, etc.)

–         Amazing people and their authentic cultural displays

–         Organic cuisine tastes (matooke, luwombo, Rolex snacks, and many more).

–         Honeymoon hideouts islands (Kalangala Island)

– Bird-watching spots

–         Real African City tours

Special Adventures to do on Uganda safaris

Trekking mountain gorilla

Routinely recognized as Uganda’s most catching adventure undertaking, and marked as Africa’s highlight for the rest of the adventures. Gorilla trekking offers visitors a kind of jungle ownership sense when searching for these human closest cousins. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park monopolized the adventure being endemic volcanic forests for the endangered mountain gorillas.

Not like the wildlife game drivers where everything is comfortably enjoyed within your 4×4 safari car rental, for gorilla trekking, the comfort tops on restrictions as one has to wander through the tops and lows of the impenetrable within these Alps imitators.

Gorillas in Uganda are fully habituated to ensure an up-close encounter, that is next after hours of wandering in search of the species. The trek can last about 30 minutes to 4 hours to encounter the gorillas depending on the location of where the gorillas are found.

Mountain gorillas are endangered species, that are endemic to only two volcanic tropical forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Virunga Conservation Areas shared among triplets (Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo). Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is famously the capital of gorillas with about 50% of the world’s population and the rest of the population splinted into the Virunga Massifs (Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda, Volcanos National Park Rwanda and Virunga National Park DR Congo).

Opting to undertake gorilla trekking tour, then must have a permit that costs $700 to trek for a day. Your day starts with a briefing on trekking etiquette, rolling into the thick tropic Alps, starting a search for the gorillas, and finding there is an hour left for you to interact with the species.

Wildlife game drives

Uganda’s highest point of safaris, reputedly the most adventure activity is done on Uganda Safaris. Wildlife game drive is the birth adventure for African safaris and Uganda boasts in. well, 5 of the 10 national parks have availed space for encountering and watching plenty of wild animals. Wildlife game drives stature the most adventure done within the Pearl of Africa and the most rewarding on safaris to these parks of Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, and Semuliki National Park.

Done seated in your safari 4×4 vehicle with a pop-up for the 360-angle viewpoint, and the most catch here are some of the Big Five, Prides of Lions and Leopards, herds of Buffalos, African Elephants, several antelope species, zebras, towers of giraffes, schools of hippos, warthogs, hyena, monkeys among a great number of wild animals. Also bird species where Uganda is rated as the 4th with the highest bird population on the African continent meaning a wider range of view, especially with a safari birding guide.

Taking an adventure to Uganda without doing a game drive, is considered an incomplete safari. The wildlife abundance of Uganda avails an opportunity to undertake wildlife game drives.

Tracking endangered chimpanzee

Another amazing moment of rolling into the forest and start seeking out the unbothered creatures. Tracking chimpanzees in Uganda is considered the best around the continent, Kibale National Park is a premier mention on matters concerning chimpanzee tracking in Uganda. Chimpanzees here are habituated, they are aware of human presence and guarantee an up-close encounter. Also in Uganda chimpanzees are tracked from Budongo forest reserve, Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth, and Toro Semuliki game reserve.

Hiking the Mt. Rwenzori challenge

Right after Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya, Mt. Rwenzor comes next in Africa’s heights, with hiking experience Mount Rwenzori has always suggested that more challenging magnificent hike. Mount Rwenzori is located in western Uganda sharing regional borders with DR Congo. Mount Rwenzori is a special snow-capped mountain one of the few remaining snow-capped peaks on the African continent due to continued global warming activities.

The mountain was formed with various folds (ranges) and the highest fold being Margarita peak which suggests the longest hiking trail in Africa to reach the peak. Walk-through folds to the 5109m elevation can last between 6 to 7 days to and fro which is the longest hike. However, various trails can last for hours, days, and a week. For your Uganda hiking safari, Mt. Rwenzori presents the best.

Boat cruise in the wild

Some savannah parks are dotted with significant water bodies which are channels, rivers, and lakes. For this case, Uganda safari presents three parks Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Lake Mburo National Parks for the wild boat cruise/rides. Taking a wildlife boat cruise is a breathtaking and relaxed adventure, seated or standing on the boat balcony you got to watch a full scale of wild species as they display.

A boat cruise in Murchison Falls National Park is done along the Victoria Nile leading to the bottom of the falls to gaze at how the rapids fuse right through a narrow gorge. At Queen Elizabeth National Park the boat cruise continues on the amazing Kazinga channel that connects the two lakes of Gorge and Edward great view of wildlife and hippo pools. And the Mburo is a perfect naming as well for a boat ride as another major undertaking in Lake Mburo National Park that is aimed at mainly game-watching and birding opportunities.

Visiting communities for culture

Uganda’s diversity continues with people who hold on to various backgrounds and beliefs. People and their communities have now become one display expected on the menu of Uganda safaris. The upcountry mainly has kept people in love with what their grand were taught and not willing to turn. The authenticity of culture makes sure an ideal destination to consider for safaris. Almost all parks have availed community-based tourism and activities which has turned into a significant role in sustainable conservation.

The Karamoja people are authentic and none staged that only tells what these people are indeed are. And the Batwa pygmies have become famous for opposing the recent government action of denying them and evicting them with land heritage without compensation. Today, these people are displaying their cultures in which they earn money for a living.

Other adventures to do on Uganda safaris

Uganda is naturally a basket of adventures, besides most adventures, there is a line of enchanting safari activities. These include golden monkey tracking, gorilla habituation, tree climbing tracking, and rhino tracking at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is very crucial when opting to count the Big Five mammals, birding safaris, horse biking, quad biking, volcanic hiking, trekking the Sipi falls, source of the Nile adventures, Kampala city tours, visiting the honeymooner Kalangala island, sport fishing, sunbathing along the beaches on lake Victoria, visiting Sempaya hot springs, a drive through chain of crater lakes among other adventures.

Top 5 destinations to consider on a Safari to Uganda

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is currently the most visited tourist destination in Uganda, the park is majorly famous for having the world’s most powerful waterfalls. Located in northern Uganda, also is the largest protected area in the country and an adventure here is an opening to watch the Big Five mammals. The park is crossed by the Victoria Nile which bisects the park into the northern and southern sections.

The golden savannah is dotted with acacia thickets and a relatively open landscape, particularly on the northern court of the part that stretches along the Victoria Nile joining the Albert Lake to form an amazing Nile delta a hub for a larger concentration of wildlife. A drive to the park introduces you to watch some of the big five mammals and the park avails a wider chance of spotting all the big five alongside Ziwa Rhino tracking.

Wildlife game drives, boat cruises to the bottom of the falls, driving to the top of the falls, wild camping, nature walks and chimpanzee tracking at Bundongo forest reserves, and spots fishing are the major adventure undertakings on Uganda safaris leading to Murchison Falls National Park.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

At the rim of the Western Great Rift Valley in southwestern Uganda is this fabulous volcanic tropical forest. The park is a UNESCO world heritage site that was declared due to the ancient and very biological ecosystem rainforest that dates to more than 25,000 years.

This is a biodiverse packed forest that boasts of about 450 mountain gorillas as per the 2019 gorilla census approximately half of the world population, about 400 plants species are recorded and about 360 bird species are recorded, other mammals include various primate species, forest elephants, buffalos, forest hogs, bushbucks to some 120 mammals are recorded here.

Gorilla trekking safaris started at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in late 1999. This ancient rain-tropical forest bargains the highest opportunities for seeing the mountain gorillas with about 17 fully habituated gorilla families. There are 4 trekking sectors of the Buhoma sector in the northern that also hosts the headquarters of the parks, the first sector where gorillas first trekked before other sectors were open. And the other sectors include Ruhija, Rushaga, and the amazing hills of the Nkuringo sector.

To trek gorillas at Bwindi Impenetrable must have a permit which costs $700 per permit to trek per day. As well, Bwindi Impenetrable also avails habituation adventures which are uniquely done here only for $1,500 per permit and have a 4-hour experience, the offer is a great experience compared to the Rwanda one-hour experience that equals the rates.

Kidepo Valley National Park

African authenticity and wider wild background outlooks are the boasts of Kidepo Valley National Park. The park is located in northeastern Uganda sharing a border with South Sudan. The park is the most isolated considering its accessibility by land, CNN termed the park as Africa’s remotest park. The virgin part of the world is here, almost everything about the park is authentic right from nature to people who have negligently rejected the global trends of civilization.

The park is spread about 580km by road from Kampala using the Kampala –Gulu – Kitgum – Kabong road which can take about 10 hours’ drive. Advisably, when driving to Kidepo Valley National Park not consider a one-day trip but can consider an en-route night. But also can take a scheduled flight from Entebbe Airport or Kajjansi airstrip to Apoka airstrip which can take about an hour.

The special treatment of the park lies along the Narus Valley and Kidepo valleys which houses higher concentrations of wildlife, the Nga’Moru wilderness campsite, communities, and the extinct volcanos of Morongoru are special consideration on a safari to Kidepo Valley National Park.

The park is a spot-on nugget of wildlife profusion with some of the endemic species which are not listed in other parks, and hosts about 75 mammals species among these include some of the Big Five, zebras, giraffes, hyena, fox, warthogs, many antelope species among other mammals. About 450 birds are recorded with Ostrich being the premier particularly seen in the Kidepo valley, and the secretary bird at Narus Valley.

The wide range of wildlife and vast landscape avails space to take various adventures at Kidepo including; Wildlife game drives, nature walks, cultural community visits, mountain biking, and wild camping.

Jinja Source of the Nile River

The source of the Nile is a unique spot of greater adventures in Uganda. Located in Jinja eastern of Kampala, the city can be reached via the Kampala-Jinja highway about 80km. Jinja is theoretically named the East African capital of adrenaline adventures. River Nile is a unique world drainage system that accelerates right from Lake Victoria in Uganda and pours to the Mediterranean Sea via Egypt. African countries that benefit from the Nile River drainage system include Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Egypt.

The source of the Nile stretch with various features particularly waterfalls and cliffs that have influenced several adventures. The rapids here are better places for adventures; the world-class white water rafting to the advancement grade 4 and 5, kayaking, tubing, and incredible bungee jumping are rewards of the source of the Nile River.

Along the Nile rewards, cultural performances like at Bujagali, horse riding and quad biking, and boat ride to the source point where you water springs. As the water continues through the rush chlorophyll backdrop it leaves a series of spectacular features of rapids and beautiful scenes that have attracted a huge number of travelers making Jinja a capital of adventures.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

The paramount domicile to spot lions, Queen Elizabeth for decades has lingered in the most popular park in Uganda. The biodiversity of Queen Elizabeth National Park with gust terrific savannah grasslands, forests, gorges, water bodies, series of craters, and wetlands are home to a vast number of mammals, birds, aquatic life, and insects among others.

The park got its name to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth of UK visit to Uganda in 1954 turning from Kazinga national park. The park is located in Western neighboring Mt. Rwenzori National Park and Kibale National Park. Queen Elizabeth is adjoined with Kyambura reserve in the eastern, Ishasha in the south, and Kigezi wildlife reserves to form the larger queen Elizabeth conservation area.

The vast land is home to a variety of natural wonders that accommodate over 95 mammal species, the highest concentration of bird species in the country with about 600 species recorded, and about 10 primate species are counted at the park with several aquatic life.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is a park with a long list of adventures done just in one park. Expectations at the park are high, one can do, wild game drives, boat cruise adventures, cultural community visits, chimpanzee tracking, tree climbing lion tracking, visiting the salt mining Lake Katwe, lion tracking experiential, mongoose tracking, hippo census, birding all are adventures which can be done on a safari visit to Queen Elizabeth National park.

Another destination to go on Uganda Safaris

When opting for the safari in Uganda, the list of destination natural and cultural destinations includes Lake Mburo National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary, the source of the Nile, Mt. Rwenzori National Park, Kibale National Park, Kasubi tombs, Uganda Wildlife Education Center and many other destinations.

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