Jinja Road Cemetery to Become Historical Tourist Site

Jinja Road Cemetery

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is considering turning the Jinja Road cemetery into a tourist site, The Observer has learnt.

Sources said although the matter had not been formally decided, there was a desire to take advantage of the cemetery’s history with world wars to attract foreign tourists.

The cemetery holds one member buried after World War I and 178 burials and commemorations from World War II. Among others, the cemetery also commemorates over 127 men of the East African Forces, who died during World War II. Their graves were so situated to ensure their regular maintenance.

Officials, however, now see the cemetery as a potential source of revenue – with some modifications.

“Yes, we are considering constructing a tourist site with sitting spaces, shades and pedestrians, cyclists and the tourists to make it a transitional, educational and an information centre,” said Mary Karooma, head of KCCA’s Landscape department. But, Karooma explained, no remains would be relocated or exhumed.

“It is a place we think should be a public space, looking at other countries mainly in Europe, graveyards are treated as monumental and public parks,” she added

The project will be run by KCCA. Karooma could not say how much it would take to develop or the revenue it is projected to generate. Therefore the development of this site will diversify the Kampala central city cultural tour and book with “ugandantour.com” to enjoy your Kampala city tour.


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