All You Need to Know About River Nile


River Nile is a famous longest River in the whole world with its source beginning in Jinja found in Uganda. Its name was derived from a Greek word Nile for valley. The river begins from the North eastern section of Africa and flows to the nearby areas adjacent to the equator continuing to the safari desert until it finally pours into the Mediterranean Sea. This Nile is about 6696 km long flowing through 9 countries (Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Egypt). This river has got 2 major twigs , the blue Nile that joins in Khartoum and forms the central part of the Nile that has cataract Nile and the Egyptian Nile , and the white Nile that is the longest and separates into 3 parts; the lake plateau area, the southern and the central Sudan part.

This river plays a great role in the modernization of many countries like Uganda and Egypt. Due to its fascinating history, many people have visited Uganda. The Nile offers power to Uganda. The Nile offers power to Uganda as a form of hydroelectricity that the people use to run their day today activities as well as to run the economy. The banks of the river are very fertile and suitable for agriculture as well as offer water for domestic use. The Nile is also a source of life to many animals that come to drink its waters like the hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes and many more.

There are many tourist activities that are carried on the source of the Nile, some of these include; fishing, bungee jumping, kayaking, white water rafting, and the boat cruises. There have drawn big numbers of foreign tourists to visit Uganda hence enabling them explore Uganda. The great way to get closer of the great Nile is by joining in on a Nile cruise, which will help you unveil the hidden beauty of the country. As you organize a safari to Uganda, the Nile should be among the must visit places before you return home.

When reserving a safari along River Nile offers you many activities like bungee jumping. A small number of kilometers away, there is Bujagali falls which is a capital for the adventurers with grade five white water rafting, mountain biking, kayaking as well as river boarding. These activities present an exceptional opportunity of exploring the banks of the river, going through farms, villages and the forests besides the river Nile.

Just along the cruise of the Nile is Lake Kyoga that feeds the Nile with the fresh water. And from here it flows on through the stunning Murchison falls National Park, and there it pours its waters through a small 7 meter gorge that drops below to 43 meters hence forming the breathtaking Murchison falls.  Enjoy activities like spot fishing, scenic viewing and game drives can be enjoyed on safari in this area to give you a thrilling experience.

Murchison falls National Park derived its name from the Murchison falls and offers boat tours to the bottom of the falls with the en-route sights of hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes, and many bird species. In addition the park organizes enjoyable nature walks to the peak of the falls which are also very rewarding. The Nile also flows on through Lake Albert through northern Uganda, to Sudan all the way through to Egypt where it pours its volumes into the Mediterranean Sea.


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