Go White Water Rafting in Uganda


Jinja town is one of the traditional districts in Uganda and before the Europeans came to the town it was first prominently known as the small fishing village that was located in banks of longest River Nile and with the arrival of the British colonial rule in 1906, the town started to grow very fast. At first as trading Centre as well as river crossing area and later it was turned to an industrial town of Uganda. Currently Jinja which is well known as adventure district of Uganda is one of the interesting historical districts in Uganda endowed with different natural and artificial attraction pulling tourists to book safaris to Uganda.

In the mid-19thcentury Jinja town had grown very fast and occupies by different people such as the Indians, as well as Africans, and European. The construction of the Owen Falls dam led to generation of hydro-electricity and this uplifted the statutes of the town into an industrial city in Uganda and it attracted foreigners to take safaris in Uganda to identify investment opportunities.Bad news came during the political crises of the 1970s during the regime of President Amin who decided to push all the Indians who were running the industries in Jinja. This greatly affected the town and hard to pull its development down but today the only town visitors should yarn to visit when on their Uganda safaris is Jinja.

Jinja town is where the source of the longest river in the world is located and also visitors interested in taking a tour to this town has got an opportunity to participate inWhite-Water Rafting on the Nile.Jinja is point where the rapids stretch up in the Nile and therefore visitors to this place can enjoy spectacular places in the whole of Africa when participating white –water rafting. Rafting in this place is very intense but safety is guaranteed to tourists when carrying out the activity as the team of expert guides have to give you company through the experience. Always rafting trips are followed by a rescue fleet so that for any visitors who find it unbearable can retreat.

Uganda safaris destination of Jinja offers travellers who are seeking adventure experience to enjoy their safaris in the source on the Nile in Jinja town .The adventurous town is blessed with the worldwide best organizers of the rafting activities including Adrift who were among the first people to invest in the adrenaline services and market their products to travellers on Uganda safaris.

Travellers who are non-experts in adventurous activities like rafting in the standard rapid falls are also catered for because there are less extreme options where such travellers can also enjoy and get an interesting wonderful experience and this option even caters for a family float trip.

In addition victors can also have wonderful experience in white water by participating in the adventurous activities like Kayaking. The memorable experience here starts from training course offered to visitors as well as guided trip which is done through the interesting but scaring raging rapids.Besides that visitors on their Uganda safari can also get involved in boat cruises and this means Jinja is really an adventurous district so for any visitor looking for destination to enjoy adventurous activities, he or she confirm safari to Uganda the pearl of Africa.


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