5 Caves to Explore in Uganda


Historically, caves acted refuge for Bushmen during times of stone and iron age. A cave is a natural stone underground openings and they are mostly inhabited by birds, mammals like bats, insects and many more.  Some of the caves are large enough and people can even enter and explore them on a typical Uganda safari adventure. Caves are made of various processes mostly erosion and Uganda has several of them and they feature among the leading tourism areas. They include among others the following;

Garama caves

These are located in southwestern Uganda, Kisoro town within the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. The Batwa community which previously lived in the thick tropical rainforest has also made the place popular as most of them take visitors along the trails to these remarkable caves. It is 14 meters deep underground cave and it acted as a hiding site for Batwa after raiding their neighboring communities. These caves are very fantastic and remarkable as they have some attachment of the Batwa pygmies.

Semwama Hills Caves

Situated in Kakumiro, western side of Uganda, just under the flat topped rock outcrop, the Semwama Hills Caves are largely valued by the local residents as they sheltered most of them during invasion of their enemies. There are many caves that you can find in Semwama but the simplest to find is the ebidongobo, also known as the waiting place. Many times, the compartments offer refuge to cattle but it has a traditional Bachwezi shrine where most of traditionalists and some local residents and visitors take different offerings like seeds and leaves.

Nsongezi Rock Shelter

Situated in south west of Uganda Nsongezi rock shelter features among the most valuable Stone Age areas that you shouldn’t miss to pay a visit while on Uganda safari and most of the archeologists have visited the area to explore different fossils like pottery works that existed around 1000 AD prior even the 19th century.

Amabeere Ga Nyinamwiru caves

Amabeere Caves

These are situated in Nyakasura, Kabarole town in western Uganda. They are locally called Amabere Ga Nyinamwiru and they formed as a result of stalagmites and stalactites which existed after many processes of erosion. The local residents gave them the name Amabere-breasts of Nyinamwiru due to the stalactites from the roof of the cave which comes with a breast shape and constantly drips milky limestone water. The locals assert it that Nyinamwiru was a princess whose breasts were cut off by her father Bukuku the king at a time so as to discourage most of ugly and unsuitable men who were asking for her during marriage.  After cutting the breasts off, they assert it that she was led to hiding in the caves where she was then got and mad pregnant by king Isaza and hence gave birth to Ndahura. Nyinamwiru never had breasts and she resorted in feeding her son with the milk dripping out of the stalactites where it derived its name. Visit this site and explore more hidden history about these caves.

The Nyero Rock paintings and caves

Nyero Rock Paintings

For archaeologists, this is one of the best sites that you shouldn’t miss to pay a visit while on Uganda safari. It comes with amazing paintings of the people, wildlife like zebra and canoes carrying people and many pictorials. The rock paintings have existed for more than 300 years and they are found in Eastern Uganda, Kumi town about 200 kilometers from Kampala city center.

Munsa earthworks

Munsa Earth Works

These are connected with the Bachwezi. They feature the second biggest rocks in Uganda and come with intense trenches where they got their name Munsa- a Runyoro word which denotes areas of trenches.

In conclusion, when it comes to safaris in Uganda, visitors have more than wildlife to enjoy. The above caves are readily available for you to explore and discover while on safari in Africa. Each of them features different stories and experiences.


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