Vinka Not Happy with Camera-men that Focus on Snapping Female Singers’ Nether Regions


Singer Veronica Luggya a.k.a Vinka isn’t happy with photographers that Focus on Snapping Female Singers’ Nether Regions. A reason she has sent out a strong message to all cameramen who take her photos while kneeling down.

Via a post on her social media pages, Swangz Avenue sweetheart wondered such cameramen’s purpose in life before going on to assure them that there are several other black shorts under her short shorts.

Singer Vinka
Singer Vinka

The camera guy kneeling down… what’s his purpose in life? Anyway, the next time you see me on stage in short shorts, just don’t break your back or hurt your knees to take a picture because there’s like a thousand more black shorts inside. So good luck” She posted.

It had become a habit among some photographers focusing on female singers’ nether regions, turning any single mistake (wardrobe mulfunction) into attempted nudity show.

Karole Kasita’s recent wardrobe malfunction at Club Amnesia

Recent victims of this are singers Karole Kasita as she was performing at Club Amnesia and Big Talent’s Pia Pounds whose torn under-garments as she was performing on stage were exposed online.


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