Fresh Kid Re-Unites With Former Writer-14K Bwongo In New Management


With almost two months now since Fresh Kid’s official writer, 14K Bwongo, left Da Texas Management where the young rapper was singing under, the Bambi hit maker also quited Da Texas after his father – Mutabaazi Paul terminating the contract he had with the management yesterday.

Yesterday Fresh Kid was signed by another management known as MC Events owned by a one Eddy who has today also signed 14K Bwongo to make him Fresh Kid’s official writer once again. 14K Bwongo wrote many of the young rapper’s songs including; his inaugural hit, Banteeka, and many others like Bambi, Tip Tap, Taki Taki, and Bamuzeeyi Mukulu.

It was announced yesterday that Fresh Kid has left Da Texas and 14K Bwongo via his socials took time to wish the rapper all the best wherever he has gone and surprisingly today news are coming in that they have reunited. Seemingly the young rapper’s new management thought that the writer knows their newly signed artist than anyone else, thus signing him too.

However, the quitting of Fresh Kid from Da Texas has left the management with one popular musician in Jowy Landa whom they signed recently in October from Pallaso’s Team Good Music.


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